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Astral RE Services Inc. is an innovative real estate cross social media firm found by deeply connected industry experts to provide condominium project presales and residential properties sales to Chinese clientele. We are insanely committed to drive real estate project sales success by providing authentic contents, inventive social media voices that promote real estate marketing pre-sales and urban economic insights to deliver sales results.

Astral forges its unique strength by combining creatively content schemed, social media-oriented, commercially experienced real estate masterminds who are multi-channels well-versed business leaders to fuse Chinese contents that optimize and thrive on social media platforms including Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and Youtube. Our work holistically encompasses digital distribution, film pre & postproduction, ad-films making, music production, and digital marketing. Altogether, Astral builds influencer brands that produce commercial values in condominium project presales.

Condo Intelligence Agency 楼花情报局

is the official video channel operated by Astral RE Services Inc.

楼花情报局logo单独NEW_画板 1 副本.png



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